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Embroidery Fonts Plus Software
  It is so Easy!
TYPE > Set sew out size > Save disk to machine format.
You are ready for embroidery in just minutes!
  • Keyboard Lettering
  • Letter Size Control ( with stitch count variation )
  • Letter Density Control
  • Column Width Control
  • Individual Letter Control
  • Letter Kerning
  • Cut, Copy, Paste functions
  • Selection of numerous Lettering Styles
  • Letter height, interval, width, line space, top arc, bottom arc
  • Slant text, Set vertical for text, Vertical Offset
  • Bridging to create and transform various type Text Shapes
  • Convert Satin to Fill Column or Combo Column
  • Fill column or Combo Column density Control
  • Underlay On or Off
  • Re sequence Individual Letter Sew Out
  • Color Change or Trim or Normal Stitch control between Letters or Words
  • Stitch Center Out for Caps: Right or Left Selection
  • Merge Expanded files with Lettering
  • Make your own Library or categories
  • Create information sheet with the right colors name, PMS# for each color
  • Save files in all commercial machine formats and other popular stitch formats
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Embroidery Font Plus ( EFP ) Features